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Get Repair Square Now $3 for two Repair Squaresfree standard shipping (U.S. only)

Don't replace your cables.


Repair them.

Repair Square is the quick, easy way to repair headphone, charging, and other cable jackets.

Why Repair Square?

Isn't Sticky

Repair Square has no adhesives.
It sticks only to itself.

Installs Quickly

Repair Square can be applied in under
a minute.

Saves Money

Repair Square is a fraction of the cost of replacing your cables.

Bonds Permanently

As soon as Repair Square is wrapped around itself, it’s permanently bonded.

Comes in Pairs

Repair Square comes in packages of two. Use one now, and save one for later.

Matches Your Style

Repair Square is available in the most popular cable colors.

"Repair Square ... is like an Ace bandage for electronics."


"Repair Square allows you to fix your pesky charging cables in a jiff... Now you can put all that money you no longer need to spend on a cable to good use."

Manhattan with a Twist

"Real Simple’s mission, through its 14 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. When your charging cable starts to fray, don’t spring for a new one."

Real Simple

for two Repair Squares

3 Easy Steps to Using Repair Square




for two Repair Squares

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